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2019 Championship Points Score

2019 Championship Points Score

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A partnership between Oakdale JMCC and Junior Riders will see many changes in the back end of 2017 and well into the 2018 Season. Oakdale JMCC will be investing time and money into identifying new and upcoming talent from the Oakdale JMC Club and helping them continue with their career in Motocross and Supercross development.

We acknowledge that a number of those talented riders ride a variety of brands and have either factory or personal support and Oakdale JMCC will soon become one of those much needed support mechanisms for these kids showing real flare.
It is important for our Club to nurture these young kids through the good times, the pains and heartaches of motorcycle competition and provide guidance with all the contract negotiations for their future careers.

Our Breeding Ground of Champions has assisted many riders reach Global heights but we believe at Oakdale we need to offer more than previously and will be seeking the assistance of some of our retired Champions to help develop and understand relevant skills, training, diet and more particularly the highs and lows of racing?

We will look closely from 7 years of age through to our Senior Classes, not necessarily the fastest kids, but the most talented, kids with the real desire to achieve greater outcomes in their racing career. Education will be a big thing at Oakdale JMCC, offering knowledge and understanding to not only the kids of our sport but more importantly the parents and what is required to maintain race integrity, fairness and honesty.

Oakdale JMCC is now more than just a venue to race at, we are bringing it back to the families and building programs that allow every child to excel in their skills and achievements.
“We hope that the Oakdale JMCC will help encourage kids to be active and healthy and follow their sporting dreams.

Here are number of exciting future Champions and their profiles to really keep a look out for:

Tyler Darby, Age: 16


KTM 125, CRF 250


Best result would be 1st at the state titles.

Also won the 85cc Supercross Championship

Tyler Darby