To renew your Annual Membership for Oakdale JMCC you can now register each year via Ridernet.



Or download the membership form Membership Form 2021 & email to


1. All riders must be a member of Oakdale JMCC
2. All riders must sign in and have bike scrutineered. (Riders under 18 must be signed in by parent/guardian).
3. All riders must have a current National or Club Licence through MNSW. Licences must be presented at sign on and Junior riders must also present their Log Book.
Senior riders who do not have this licence are able to purchase a “One-event Licence” after completing the appropriate testing. “One-event licence” – only available for club and interclub level. Junior riders  are able to purchase a “One-event licence” if they have completed “Kick Start” requirements and obtained a Log Book.
4. All junior riders must provide a marshal over the age of 16.
5. All senior riders must marshal or provide a marshal over the age of 16.
6. Riders under the age of 7 must have a “Nipper” licence or one event recreation licence (cost $20). When rider turns 7, licence MUST be upgraded to Junior Club or Junior National, unless remaining as a Nipper using 1st January rule.
7. Riders aged 7 to under 16 must have a Junior Competition Licence (National or Club) or one event licence (cost $45 – 2nd and subsequent one event licence will cost $60). When rider turns 16, licence MUST be upgraded to Senior Club or National, unless remaining as a Junior using 1st January rule.
8. All junior riders will be required to fulfil the training commitment according to the Junior Coaching Program before renewing licence with MNSW.
9. Riders aged 16 and over must have a Senior Competition Licence (National) or one event licence (cost $80).
10. Starting Times: Sign on and scrutineering – 7.30am to 9.00am. Riders briefing 9.15. Practice – immediately after riders briefing.
11. All riders must attend riders briefing, parent/guardian must also attend for riders under 18, and must complete “Rider Briefing” card to acknowledge that they attended and understood instructions given at riders briefing.
12. Numbers on bikes must be as per the Manual of Motorcycle Sport of the current year. All riders must wear a back number that is the same as bike number.
13. Riding gear must be as per the Manual of Motorcycle Sport of the current year.
14. Code of Conduct, as per the Manual of Motorcycle Sport of the current year, is applicable at all times. Penalties will apply for breaches of the Code of Conduct.
15. No smoking or open footwear in competitor paddock, pit area, starting grid area or track.
16. Corner 18 – exit of track – only authorised marshals/officials are to be in this area.
17. There are plenty of bins around the grounds – please keep your pit area tidy.
18. There is NO ALCOHOL allowed in the pit area, competitor paddock or the racing circuit, spectator area only, this is a Government rule.
19. “No Riding Areas” –When going to your race, thereis NO RIDING until on the starting grid. After exiting the track, there is to be NO RIDING into the competitor paddock or past gate exit to car park. A $25 fine applies to riders disobeying this rule. Fine must be paid before your next event, whether it is your next race that day or your next race at our venue.
20. All riders need to have their own ambulance cover.
21. Oakdale JMCC has the right to refuse membership or entries from a rider. ALL members are expected to do the right thing at all times, if not, loss of membership (NO WARNINGS).
22. It is the responsibility of the members to report to club official any wrong doings.
23. These rules apply to parent/guardians, pit crew and spectators of each member.
24. It is preferred that all members provide a current email address on the membership form for mailout purposes, although newsletters & information will be available on the website.
25. Access to area at rear of canteen, lapscore area and landing above canteen is restricted to officials and committee only.