King of the Valley

Australia's most prestigious Motocross event


Every Summer since 1982, racers have flocked to Oakdale JMCC for this Classic event – One of the oldest and most iconic Motocross events in Australia. The track has changed a little over the years, and is progressively improving making racing even more exciting, we have big things coming in the back half of this year. 

Many of the top racers in the Country have either won or participated in this glorious event. There have been some epic battles over the years and many racers have made a name for themselves on this track. Sponsors, Factory scouts and industry professionals look upon this event as one where riders can show case their skills for the following season and earn the right to be KING?

If you are the best or want to be the best then you must race the best. King of the Valley 2 day gala is one event to put onto your race calendar this year.

Keep a lookout for more details through <ridernet> or our social media sites Facebook, Instagram where we will be promoting this great opportunity for you to win one of the greatest annual racing events in Australian History.

“Are you good enough to be KING?”